The Opening Act for Johnny Cash — In the early 1960s the group was discovered by country legend and superstar Johnny Cash!

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About the show…

The Statler Brothers’ songs and music are brought to life as this amazing vocal group performs some of your favorite hits LIVE on stage!

Hear The Statler Brothers’ Biggest Hits!

Experience the music, stories, and songs of the Statler Brothers – one of the most popular music groups of all time in this musical tribute to the group whose career spans more than a half century and who have nearly 40 albums to their credit.

A Quartet of Unmatched Talent!

“The Class of ’57” stars four of the finest performers in Branson – who will take you on a trip down memory lane through some of your favorite songs of the Statler Brothers.

Songs performed throughout the show include: “Class of ’57,” “Flowers on the Wall,” “Elizabeth,” “More Than a Name on the Wall,” “Do You Remember These,” “Turn Your Radio On,” and their hit singles “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?,” “Too Much On My Heart,” and “My Only Love,” in addition to many more songs which have no become classics and made the Statlers one of the most loved groups of our time.

The Opening Act for Johnny Cash!

In the early 1960s the group was discovered by country legend and superstar Johnny Cash – who they opened for for nearly a decade during his tours throughout the country. This constant touring helped them refine their skills and stage act which led the group to become enormously popular in their own right.

As their name started to precede them, their popularity reach new heights in the 80s and 90s as they stepped into the spotlight on several TV programs and even hosted their own show.

The Music & Memories of the Statler Brothers!

Now, you have the chance to hear their music in an up-close and intimate setting with some of the finest country musicians and singers to emerge from the Branson area.

Joining together to produce remarkable four-part harmony that is rooted in gospel yet draws upon country roots, it’s a show you won’t want to miss the next time you’re in town!

About The Theaters

God and Country Theaters

Multiple Theatres in One Complex!

One of the smaller and more intimate live entertainment venues in town, the property actually contains two performance stages within the facility. The smaller of the two theatres can seat up to 150 people, while the larger one can seat up to 450 people – ensuring that groups of nearly any size traveling to the area to see a show can be comfortably accommodated.

More Than a Dozen Shows to See!

Dozens of different shows have been hosted at the God & Country Theatre in Branson – from regularly-scheduled shows that perform year-round to headlining acts and limited engagement performers.

Because the complex has several theatres, there is usually more than one show running at a time – ensuring that no matter what time you’re visiting, there’s sure to be a great show to see!

Located on Highway 76!

Sitting alongside the main Highway 76 “Strip” that runs through the heart of town, the theatre provides easy access for guests wanting to see any of the shows playing here.

On-site you will also find ample, free parking that sits beside and behind the theatre – providing remarkably easy access in and out of the facility.

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